Blue Sky Mountain

Blue Sky Mountain

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Publication Date: 08-01-2020
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Page Count: 218
Color Photographs:
Language: English

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Blue Sky Mountain: At Home In The Woods

Authored by John D. Hunter  & Susan Q. Knittle-Hunter

Blue Sky Mountain is the narrative and photo journal of John and Susan Hunter as they built their home and lived their lives on the North Slope of the Uintah Mountains. John shares personal reflections of their hardships and joys as their dreams unfold.


”Our evening ritual was to sit on a rock and watch the sun set below the horizon. It was quiet and gave us time for reflection. In the higher elevations the temperature drops as the sun completes its daily journey across the sky. Wearing a light jacket during the evening summer months was usually enough for comfort. Knowing that the warmth of a campfire was nearby was reassuring. We usually ate dinner and took care of the cleaning before nightfall. Retiring to the camper for a game of cards, word puzzle, or radio news, were our favorite evening activities. The camper was small but cozy and warm. It was nice to escape the agitation of the insects and heat of the daytime sun. The foam mattress absorbed the muscle aches and pains and gave us the comfort we needed to sleep and dream.”