What Is Periodic Paralysis

What Is Periodic Paralysis?

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What Is Periodic Paralysis? A Disease Like No Other

Defines, describes and explains all aspects of this little understood medical condition in Volume Two of the Periodic Paralysis Network A.S.E.A. Series (Awareness – Support – Education -Advocacy). Unlike the three prior books co-written by this author, which were designed to aid individuals with Periodic Paralysis and to improve their lives, this booklet has been designed and written to also share with their family members, friends, teachers, coworkers, neighbors, doctors and others who should know about and may want to know, the truth about this cruel disease. This fourth book, just as the other three, was written because there is a need to educate others and bring awareness of Periodic Paralysis to the world. There was and is a great need for a booklet that can explain the important aspects of Periodic Paralysis in simple terms and how they relate personally to and for each individual with this disabling condition. Some of the issues that are covered include but are not limited to, what Periodic Paralysis is and what it is not, how it is diagnosed, how it is treated, what the symptoms are, what causes the symptoms, what does an episode of paralysis look like, what is the prognosis and what kind of complications can occur. For each of these issues there is space for personal information to be included and written in as needed to further explain how the disease affects each individual before the book is passed to a family member, neighbor, doctor or teacher. Each concept is described and explained based on the true and actual history, experiences and needs of individuals with Periodic Paralysis. Periodic Paralysis is a multifaceted, complex, perplexing, complicated and overwhelming condition, which is very misunderstood by most doctors around the world, let alone patients with it and their friends and family members. The varying words, phrases and medical terms associated with it are difficult to pronounce and spell and even more difficult to understand. This book is an attempt to write about this very difficult and little understood disease in terms that are easy to understand and in an organized manner for better comprehension for those who need to or desire to know about it. Hopefully, this information will bring about awareness of these issues and educate everyone who has the occasion to read this book.


”Periodic Paralysis (PP) is a very rare medical condition that is not like any other disorder. It is very unique; very different. It is not a neurological disease, nor an autoimmune disease, nor a disease of the mitochondria, nor an endocrine myopathy, nor is it a form of Muscular Dystrophy. It is in a category all of its own and needs to be treated in non-conventional ways. This means it must be treated differently than any other disease or illness.” (Page 17)